PR, Kim Kardashian and Pumbaa from the Lion King

So I was on Tweetdeck a few days ago, looking for a topic to use for my first blog. Most of the Tweets revolved around a certain golfer and all of his current issues but I realized this topic was probably a little over done.  I then came upon a tweet by a friend of mine, who is very reliable for articles about current events and other things in the PR industry, tweeted an article discussing how Kim Kardashian is making a documentary portraying the world of celebrity PR. The documentary will be entitled “The Spindustry.”

For some reason, this really bothered me. Why does she feel that she has the expertise to do this or that this would be actually beneficial to do? What actual good will come from this adventure through the whirlwind that is reality television? Furthermore, what actually makes her famous to the point that people will tune into this?

This also perturbs me because it may be the only the look into the industry most people will get the chance to have. Many people already hold an unwelcoming attitude toward the field of PR and think the only thing professionals in the field do is “spin” information and lie. In addition, some people feel that the only industry that utilizes PR is the entertainment and celebrity industry. It seems from the description that this film will only add to these attitudes and provide more fuel for the fire.

Now, I realize the documentary is scheduled to air on E! Entertainment network, which is not exactly the channel most people turn to for hard hitting news. I also realize this is exactly the type of material that is most often featured on that network.

I know that my blogging about this will probably not make a difference and that thousands of people will still watch the program, mainly because it is Kim Kardashian. For some reason, the fact that it is on E! will also make people watch it. I will admit to falling under this spell and have actually watched a few episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and several episodes of E! True Hollywood Story.  

I also realize that this one documentary will not completely do in the industry that I have chosen as a career. This will also not change the minds of people who really know and understand this profession. I guess I will just have to take the advice of Pumbaa from the Lion King, “You got to put your behind in your past.” So I will putting this behind me and continue on with the circle of life.



  1. The ending of your blog is so funny!

  2. Brittany Said:

    Great post, Allison! The prospect of “Spindustry” was a huge eye-roll for me, too. I think those of us who know the real purpose of PR will always have to face these types of set backs through our reign: see Samantha Jones (as much as I love her in all her fictitious-ness). But I suppose the best we can do to combat stereotype is lead by professional example and prove we’re actually the conscience of the company. Keep rockin’ the blog, lady!

  3. Heather Said:

    Haha. You used Pumbaa. 🙂

    And you admitted you watched Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

    As your roomie, this makes me happy.

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