Loving Public Relations

Last Friday I had the opportunity to shadow a professional in the field of communications and public relations. I was able to participate because of the Dallas chapter of PRSA, Public Relations Society of America, and an event called Pro-Am Day.  This event consists of students who are studying PR or communications, meeting and following around a PR professional in the type of public relations they are interested in for the future.

The professional I shadowed for the morning was the head of corporate communications for Texas Instruments, headquartered in Dallas. I really enjoyed the day because I was able to learn a lot about not only TI but also the field of PR. I learned that TI makes more than just calculators, including chips used in almost every type of cellular phone used. After talking with my professional, I learned how important different types of experience in the field is to not only getting an entry-level job but also to maintain a career in PR.

I also learned a lot about myself, which I definitely was not expecting. I knew I would learn the other things but that one I was not expecting. I learned that I really love the field of public relations and I very much enjoy hearing people talk about what they do and how much they enjoy. I realize this makes me sound kind of like a brown nose or at least a really big nerd but I honestly enjoy it. I realized that I liked how all of them, when I asked, listed several things they liked about their jobs, but not many things they honestly disliked about their jobs. I felt like a little boy who was listening to his favorite baseball team on the radio or someone who loves the trumpet listening to Louis Armstrong play “A Kiss to Build a Dream On.”

After talking with several professionals at TI, everyone who participated in the event went to a luncheon. As I was driving to the luncheon, while being very lost in the big city, I thought about why I would truly love this so much. And then it completely came to me. I like the idea of all my hard work getting a college degree to become a PR professional turning into something I will honestly enjoy going to go 40 hours or more a week. All of those late night hours studying for mid-terms, all of those hours spent writing, editing, and re-writing more papers than I can even count, will eventually become something I not only like doing but also something I will love talking about to others. I realized that as a graduating, college senior, the idea of having a real world, “big girl” job is honestly very  scary but will one day turn into something I willingly and happily wake up to do five days a week for several years. Again, I realize this makes me really dorky.

After all that I leave you, my lovely readers with this: I hope you honestly enjoy that which you do!


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