Looking for a Job, Details and my Mother

As a senior in college, the fact that I am graduating in three weeks and will then be pushed out into the cold cruel world with a big girl job is somewhat scary. I mean, I have to go out into the large industry of PR and show that I have something to offer over every other graduating senior. It also makes me nervous to think about how this job will be from 8 to 5 five days a week, which is something I have only done for one summer.

Because of all of this, I was very excited when I found an article name Top 10 Things to Consider when Applying for a Job in Public Relations. This article, written for Utilizer, by Ryan Grieves, shows different ways for people in my position to set themselves apart from everyone else. This list includes items such as setting up an informational interview with people who work for agencies and corporations you would like to work for at some time and making sure your resume and cover letter are addressed to the tight company. Other interesting items on the list are to make sure you do your homework about the company and the position before an interview and to write a thank you for any interview you are lucky enough to get.

I find this list very fascinating because they seem to be somewhat common sense things to do when trying to show an employer you are the best choice. It seems to be natural to make sure a piece of writing is addressed to the intended person or to write someone a thank you for taking the time to talk to you about how you might be able to work in and enhance their organization. However, when looking back over my time of looking for a PR job, I did not always pay close attention to all of these small details, which is the difference between either getting or not getting a job. I find it amazing how the simplest things to do are the ones often forgotten.

I leave you with this, pay close attention to the small details in life and with the fundamentals of looking for a job. In the words of my mother “The smaillest detail can make the biggest difference.”


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  1. steftay03 Said:

    I totally agree with you when graduating for college we don’t really know what to expect just from what our peers tell us. It is very valuable for you to pay close attention to small details in life. Great Blog

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