Women and Social Media

Women make up more than half of the population of the world, which is probably not surprising. Due to this, it should not be a huge surprise that women also make up a large portion of those using the Internet. One interesting thing about women on the Internet is that a large majority of them prefer to use social media websites.

I found an interesting article about a survey conducted by Ketchum and the Neilsen Group. This survey, the BlogHer-iVillage 2010 Social Media Matters Study, showed the different types of social media tools preferred by women, between blogs, micro-blogs and message boards. According to the study, of the 73% of women using social media, most of them enjoy using blogs, which were showed to be the most used tool on the Web. Another interesting item is that these users usually employ both blogs and search engines for information on online purchases. Most of the women who use sites such as BlogHer are more likely to also use and be more active on the top three social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook and blogs. The study also found that women rely on social media to not only converse with others, but also to seek advice and recommendations for things such as purchases.

I find these facts interesting but not very surprising. Being a woman, I can see how women would use this new medium to talk to other women because it is what they often do face-to-face with their friends. I also find it interesting that women prefer blogs over the tools of social media. As a PR student, I find this study very interesting because it helps reveal that the Internet is a treasure trove of eager listeners for not only new products, but also new services.


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