Board Meetings and Learning in College

In one of my senior public relations classes, we are required to create a communications plan for the Denton County Transit Authority’s new passenger train, the A-Train. Since the professor of the class is quite generous, she allowed us the opportunity to earn extra credit by attending a public meeting conducted by the DCTA concerning the new service.  For my part of this, I decided to attend a DCTA Board of Directors meeting.

Before this, I was never given the opportunity to attend a board meeting, except for the ones I have seen on television. While the meeting was not exactly what I thought it was going to be, I found this encounter very interesting. This meeting not only showed me how this type of meeting like this is ran, which will probably come in handy at some time in my career, I was also able to learn more about the new A-Train itself. These included items such as the closure of roads to lay the tracks for the new train and how the budget for such a large endeavor works.

At one point in the meeting, the Board asked the Vice President of Communications questions concerning an upcoming event held by the organization. In her answer, she referred to the communication plan and stated how information about the event will be given to the many different publics of DCTA.

I found this very interesting because this is the exact thing we are currently learning in this PR class. It amazed me how people in the real world actually use what we are learning in class on a regular basis. I mean, we are actually going to use this stuff beyond the last day of class on May 11. I guess I figured we were just learning these things to know them and it never dawned on me that I would use this information, in the same manner that we are learning it, in my future career.

I leave you with this, if you are still in school, pay attention to what you learn in class because you will probably use it at some time in your future, whether you think you will or not.


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  1. Brittany Morgan Said:

    I interned for Flower Mound’s Community Relations department about a year ago and attended many a board meeting. Looking back, I now realize that they did use certain ethical principles to come to various conclusions regarding the city. I especially remember one meeting with the fire chief, the mayor and the PR reps that involved a decision on how to proceed during an upcoming, dangerous storm. It was fascinating!

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